Monday, February 28, 2011

2/28/2011 Paper!

Here's today's paper! This covers the new Thunderbird additions (alpha-ish) to the Ubuntu/Gnome mail menu, and a few tips for running .EXE games and changing skins. Sorry this is so small, studying for exams coming up ;)

-AGUbuntu (Admin)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

2/28/2011 Paper Preview

Here's the preview for the 2/28/2011 paper, guys! Sorry for the false alarm for the whole "shut-down" situation. Uh, okay then. Here it is...

-AGUbuntu (Admin)

Wordle: The February 28th Paper Preview

Friday, February 25, 2011

NOT closing up shop ;)

I know only Kc commented on the actual site, but a few friends on my FaceBook account insisted I keep up my website. So it's official. But, the paper won't come until the 28th due to inclement weather and lack of printer paper (for test prints.)

-AGUbuntu (Personal, Admin)

Closing Up Shop

Sorry to say, but I'm closing The Ubuntu! Times. Nobody's downloading the paper, or even commenting or viewing the site. If you want the site to stay up, then comment on this post. (If any...) Oh yeah, I won't publish the paper unless I get enough traffic on the site. If I DO get enough traffic, then I'll post the paper on the 28th of February.

-AGUbuntu, Admin

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Ubuntu! Times 2/24/2011 paper!

Heeeeeeeerre's today's paper. Hope last weeks hints gave you a good idea of what's in here. Oh, and then some! :) You can get it HERE.

*Note, you need Word 2007 or later to view this file properly. Abobe SOMETIMES reads it, too.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tomorrow's Paper

Tomorrow's paper is ready for posting. Here is another preview of tomorrow's paper. Thanks to Wordle :). Visit Wordle Here to create your own!

Wordle: The Ubuntu! Times: 2/24/2011 preview

Hard To Say

I'm willing to do the Ubuntu times, but so far nobody's viewing the site or the paper for that matter. I posted it all over my Facebook wall, but STILL there's no traffic to the paper. If anybody is reading this, please share this with your friends to keep The Ubuntu! Times going. By the way, tomorrow's paper will be uploaded anywhere from 4-5pm US-Central time tomorrow. Thanks!